Why is science so hard?

When I was in school I loved science, I always understood it and enjoyed learning about it. When I became a teacher I naively assumed that everyone else felt the same way. My first couple of weeks of student teaching I was in shock over how many students didn’t like science or care about the subject. After I started teaching I realized why my students didn’t like science… it was because they don’t feel like it has anything to do with their lives. (What!?!?!) Most of my students think that science is just a class that they have to get through and don’t see that science is literally all around them all the time. At the beginning of my student teaching I remember getting really frustrated because they didn’t think what I was trying to teach them was interesting. This is when I realized that I had to make every aspect of science relative to their lives. For them to really learn the material, they had to realize that it related to them personally and that people used this stuff in the “real world”. This is when I decided that I had to teach REAL science and treat everyday like a sales pitch. In this blog I hope to share how I teach real science to my students everyday.

How do you teach real science in your classroom?

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